Shaftesbury Road

Smaller gardens need a bit of flexibility.  Long-lasting quality hardwood decking allows this family to get creative with pots and furniture in their garden, and move things around as the seasons change.



An inaccessible, scruffy back yard in the heart of Brighton was becoming a bit of a dumping ground for this family.  Uneven paving and toys that had seen better days were taking up the space and it wasn’t a place anyone wanted to be.


A hardwood deck with steps leading up to it and a smart hand-rail have made the garden infinitely more usable. We installed some raised flower beds using reclaimed bricks around the edges and stocked them well to provide colour and interest, without taking up too much space.

The family can now enjoy sitting outside in the late Summer evenings, and plant up a few pots which can be changed around to give them some flexibility.

What the client said

“Matt and his team were brilliant.  Beautifully designed, meticulously executed and incredibly professional, quick and efficient (and tidy!).  We have a pretty small garden but they maximised it’s potential and we (and the kids) really enjoy being out there now, all year round.”

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